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« He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. » B. Franklin

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In times of trouble, thoughts and inspirational words are a stimulus for our sleeping brains.

Stress, social and individual fears, alienating cities, fragile and mutable relations ; a human being in search for safety and security.Mainly, this is the life in our actual « westernized » world and the tendency, for other types of « evolved » societies around the globe, is to reach this status.

A liquid status, precarious lives lived under conditions of continuous uncertainty, with a continuous fear of being taking aback.

Over stimulated people, fearing not to be able to follow the changes, to loose the moment, to possess something that is not anymore « the fashion hit of the moment ».

No imagination left, no desires on a long term are permitted : everything must be reached immediately, the Diktat of this modern world is now and immediately.

Speediness is what is counting in our actual societies : not the duration of a good, of a relationship : lasting goods are banned as well as human strategies and abilities, that become obsolete even before users will be able to use them correctly.

Constance, endurance, and stickiness are seeing as the worst words and dangers, ever.

Looking back at the past to take experiences, strategies and tactics from the past, is perceived as incautious. Things now, are moving faster and past attitudes are something to forget.

In a life that is compared to water flowing without a receptacle to contain it , everything can happen. And remaining balanced in this kind of world is extremely difficult : it requires a good dose of stability.

I would like to see a light at the end of this obscure and brainwashed period of time ; menaces can also represent opportunities : in dark times, the most brilliant minds were revolutionaries changing the world.

Lacks of credibility and invisible governments cannot destroy illuminated minds : I’m not talking about the worlds « icons » : I’m talking about the thousand simple and heroic people that every day are conducting their battles, their struggles to create communities, to infuse peace and produce energy against a majority .

We seems fragile as sand castles against these majority titanic forces : but with the force of our knowledge and determination, of our wills and good actions, we can inverse the situation : how to make our human world a bit more hospital for humanity, this must be our direction.

Our thoughts have a tremendous power : this is why, as always in times, authorities manipulated us, to wash our brains. Since ever, Societies and Powers are acting to reduce our self confidence in order for us not to exert our freedom and capabilities of choices.

Although I understand that for many, is much easier to be part of a mass, of a predefined plan, there is always a voice, coming from our inside, that is reminding us, who we really can and should be.

Identity is difficult, contradictions and ambiguities are hidden everywhere : rapid and unpredictable changes are filling our days. As well as daily demands to remain fit, performant, multitask and organized, no matter to what age group we belong. Life routine, busy time, engagements are extremely demanding but in the meanwhile reassuring and supportive as well as, in many cases, offering the promise of a good night rest.

Dependency on this style of life and consumerism is easy to be reached with the continuous offers around us.

How can we find spaces and wills not to be part of all this? How can we avoid to suffer, if we are “rejected” because we do or we would like to think differently? How can we learn to “reuse” our brains?

For the masses, this is very difficult: to refuse all the above statements, will means a deep step in the dark against the promises of a false light.

But,how many of you, after days of compulsive shopping, are feeling as empty , if not worst, than when you did started buying and filling your cupboards of useless clothes?

Take a step back: experience the panic of being one day with yourself: try to reject the Sirens chant, for just one day. Ask yourself what could you do: use cleverly the Social media, you will find a huge community to support your voice.

Balance is the word; and courage as well as a deep credo, to communicate and provoke a change close by yourself; is though; heavy; but is rewarding, deep rewarding; you will feel less useless, as after a compulsive day of shopping.

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One thought on “« He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. » B. Franklin

  1. “Balance is the word” true…

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